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epocrates FAQ

Get answers to frequently asked questions about the #1 medical reference app.

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How to view purchase history and receive previous billing receipts

Your exact billing receipts are sent to your epocrates email. If you cannot locate the original receipts, to view your Order History go to If you have further questions reach out to

How to reset password

If you have forgotten your epocrates password, or we have automatically removed the security question from your account, you will need to reset your password. Please use the following link to reset.   Your password will need to be 8-14 characters long and contain at least one capital letter and one number. Special characters are not necessary.

Edit billing info

If you made your epocrates+ purchase through iTunes or Google Pay on your mobile device, you must edit your billing information through your iTunes or Google Pay account.

If you made your purchase through and would like to update/edit your billing information , please remove the card you currently have on file and add the information as a new card from the Payment Information link at To avoid interruptions to your service, you will also need to enable the automatic renewal setting again, once the billing information has been updated.

Supported devices

Here’s a list of the devices that are compatible with epocrates:

Supported Mobile Operating Systems
iOS (Apple Devices) Smart Phones & Tablets: Versions 11.x and up
Android (Excluding Kindle) Smart Phones & Tablets: Most Versions 5.x and up

Supported Computer Operating Systems
Windows 7, 8, 10, or later with the latest updates
Mac OSX 10.11 or later with the latest updates

Supported Browsers
Chrome (Recommended) Latest version
Safari 9 or later with the latest updates
Internet Explorer 11 or Edge with the latest updates

Purchase epocrates+

You can buy epocrates+ directly on your mobile device by tapping any locked tile and purchasing through your Apple or Google Pay account.

Places to add product feedback

We are always looking to gather feedback regarding functionality and features and greatly appreciate your input. While we can never guarantee what changes will be implemented based on feedback, we will be happy to submit it to our product development team for consideration. If there is anything you would like to add to your feedback submission, please respond to this email and we will gladly include it for you.

We appreciate your kind feedback! Please share your positive comments with others by writing a review in the Google Play Store.

We appreciate your kind feedback! Please share your positive comments with others by writing a review in the Apple App Store.

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